wiki:LJlogin Usage

Once installed, LJlogin will place a widget in the status bar, indicating which LiveJournal account you're logged in as, if any:


The number and configuration of these widgets will vary on how many LJcode sites you have enabled and other preferences. For example, if all sites were disabled, you would instead see:


For more information about this, see Preferences.

Clicking on the status bar widget for a site will pop up a menu of options:


In the above example, no accounts have been saved in the Password Manager. To log into an account, select the "Log in as..." menu option:


Here, you can enter a username and password, and select whether or not to save the login to the Password Manager. Once given, LJlogin will then log into the account, and update the widget accordingly:


As you can also see, LiveJournal recognizes that you're logged in.

The LJlogin widget menu will now reflect if you saved that login, and any others, by presenting them as options. (In the following screenshot, additional accounts have already been saved.) Selecting a saved login from the menu will switch your currently logged in account to the one selected:


And finally, of course, there's the "Log out of LiveJournal" menu option, which does just what it says.

The widget menu also allows you to access the Preferences box, which, among other things, allows you to enable or disable sites and perform some configuration of their appearance: